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Company Profile

Lunar Electrical Contractor Incorporated began its operations in 1991 during a time of high unemployment and economic uncertainty. It was not a very good time to start a business, but we had a belief that it was the best time to begin. It would take much more effort to stay ahead of the endless competition in the construction business. We were right. Our continued success is proof.

We began doing rather small residential renovation work, and slowly built a client base of people who were in need of electrical repairs and upgrades, and who were looking for quality work at reasonable rates. We succeeded in doing just that. Slowly those small jobs began to grow into larger, more detailed projects, incorporatinig more & more commercial work. We were on the path that we set out to find.

Today, commercial and light industrial work constitutes approximately 60% of the work we perform. Some of our customers have included Seaman's Furniture Showrooms, Shop Rite Supermarkets, M&B Tool & Die Company, K-Mart retail stores, and Allcare medical companies, just to name a few. Each of these businesses demand superior service. We at Lunar Electric are providing that service.

The other 40%, residential work, is still a stronghold with us, and we will always take on this type of work because this is where we started. We believe that professional quality work for our residential customers will always be important to us and at Lunar Electric, we will never forget our roots.

About the President

Ron Giambrone is currently President of Lunar Electric. He holds his Master Electrician's license in the State of New Jersey and also holds an Electrical Inspector's Sub-Code Official's License.

He attended William E. Grady High School in Brooklyn, New York where he majored in Electrical Installation and Practice. After graduating High School in 1979, he immediately began working in the trades for a small shop in New York City. He moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey in 1987 where he decided that the commute to the city was too much. He took the State Electrical License Test in 1990 and was on his way to forming his company. The next year he formed Lunar Electric after years of "moonlighting" on his own.




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